The change originates from your body


Subcellular psychobiology - effective short-term therapy, accounted for according to the principle of payment for results.



Psychobiology. Training for therapists, psychologists, coaches and trainees in these fields.



Workshops in the area of personal development, video-conference formula or away to Gran Canaria and Poland.


Fuente (in Spanish “source or spring”) was created as a result of fascination with the possibilities of improving the quality of human life and the belief that each person has the potential to function in harmony with themselves and the environment, develop perception and emotionality, achieve success in important areas, make their dreams come true and to serve the good of people and the planet.

Everyone has their own “source” from which they can draw what they need to live a fulfilled life, just need to unlock it, clean what covers or limits it.

About me

My name is Agata Szyplińska. I graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Psychology. I am an advanced therapist, a trainer and a staff member of the Institute of the Study of the Peak States of Canada. I have completed Subcellurar & Developmental Psychobiology basic and advanced training, Studium of Gestalt Therapy Group, the Academy of Training Masters, I have participated in numerous workshops led by Bert Hellinger and his best students, the Course of Unit Therapy of Tal Laks and Deep Imaginary Process of Stephen Gallagos. My life consists of working with people, spending time in nature, in movement, meditation, volunteering with animals and in traveling. I have two cats and I live on Gran Canaria.

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